May 2017 / The islands of Kvarner Bay
Sometimes in late May and early June, conditions come together in the Kvarner marine area that encourage the formation of sea foam along the coast due to the release of surface-active agents from the cells of planktonic organisms... [more]

June 2017 / the shores of Krk Island
On the occasion of World Oceans Day
Previously, in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of Rijeka, we had studied the blunt-snouted clingfish on the pebbly shores of the eastern outskirts of Rijeka and the Kostrena peninsula, where the first recorded and documented specimen of this crypto-benthic species was found and is now stored in the ichthyological collection of the Natural History Museum of Rijeka. Recently, we came across the blunt-snouted clingfish on the shores of Krk Island, so it seems that it is not as rare as we once believed... [more]

June 2017 / Kvarner Bay
On the occasion of World Oceans Day – Foraminifera in marine sediments
The area of Kvarner Bay is part of a marine shelf. Today's shelves are relatively young because the current level of the sea is the result of transgression (rising sea levels) that began more than 19,000 years ago and lasted until about 6,000 years ago. Biogenic sediments, rich in the shells of foraminifera – tiny single-celled organisms, can be found on the shelf... [more]

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