Earth day: pi "priroda" holds workshop for sixth-graders in dundo forest

Prospekt Collaboration with schools, Događanja

Photo 1. At the start of Premužić Trail in Dundo Forest (Photo by Patrik


Dundo Forest or Dundovo, a special reserve of forest
vegetation on Rab Island, is one of the most preserved holm-oak forests
in all of the Mediterranean. The landscape values of Dundo Forest are
enhanced not only by its preserved flora and fauna but also by a stone
trail, known as the Premužić Trail that passes through most of the forest
and ends in the Cove of Sv. Kristofor. The trail was designed by Ante
Premužić, who is better known for his design and execution of a mountain
trail through the north and central Velebit range. While walking along
the trail, the employees of “Priroda” drew the pupils’ attention
to the special features of Dundo Forest. A workshop concerning the forest’s
vegetation features was held in the Cove of Sv. Kristofor, and the pupils
were encouraged to make observations and sketches of plant species. The
workshop ended with the pupils’ presentations.

The workshop is one of the first in a series of events
relating to Earth Day 2013 to be organized by “Priroda” or in
which “Priroda” will take part. The other events are outlined

  • On 19 April, the Nikola Tesla Elementary School, the Town of Opatija,
    PI “Priroda” and “Parkovi” Opatija will conduct
    an operation to remove the invasive tree-of-heaven at various locations.
    Flyers will be handed out.
  • PI “Priroda” is one of the partners in the Volunteer Drive
    for Komrčar Protected Forest Park, a project within the framework of
    Green Purge. Other partners include the Town of Rab, the Rab Forest
    Area Office, Markantun de Dominis Secondary School of Rab, Ivan Rabljanin
    Elementary School and the Friends of Rab 1895 Society. The event is
    scheduled for 20 April.
  • On 20 April, the Rudolf Strohal Elementary School of Lokve, the Lokve
    Tourist Board and PI “Priroda” will be holding the annual
    workshop Saving the Brown Frog. The event will take place in the aquatic
    woodland habitats surrounding the village of Lokve.
  • Noon of 20 April will see the opening of a photography exhibition
    entitled Stone-Forest-Sea at Filodrammatica in Rijeka. The organizers
    of the exhibition are the Eco-Centre of Young Guardians of the Environment
    (a part of the “Our Children” Association), the County Teaching
    Institute for Public Health and PI “Priroda”. Young Guardians
    of the Environment and members of the Children’s Forum will invite visitors
    to discover their ecological footprint by using the Ecological Footprint
    Calculator, an eco-questionnaire, to remind them of the impact they
    have on Nature.
  • A special poster has been designed featuring The Face of Climate Change,
    the theme of this year’s Earth Day.

Photo 2. Cyclamen repandum (Photo by Patrik Krstinić)