Fojiška – Pod Predošćica

Category of protection: Special ornithological reserve
Year proclaimed: 
514 ha
Town of Cres (island of Cres)
0 – 370 m

Special Ornithological Reserves on Cres Island

  • The Northern Reserve: the area between the Fojiška Bay and the Bay of Pod Predošćica (Kruna)
  • The Southern Reserve: the area between the Bay of Mali Bok and the Bay of Koromačna (Pod Okladi)

Griffon vultures are magnificent birds with a wingspan of 2.4 to 2.8 metres. Watching them fly in groups, above the island of Cres, as they “comb” the land in search of food is an unforgettable experience. The Cres griffons are a phenomenon, because they are the only griffon population of the Kvarner islands that has not decreased in number, but has even shown an increase in recent decades.