Launch of the tourist brochure "protected natural heritage"

Prospekt Događanja


The brochure Protected Natural Heritage: From the Depths of the Sea to the Mountain Heights of the Kvarner Region was launched at the Hotel Draga di Lovrana on 10 September 2007.

In the beautiful natural setting of the Hotel Draga di Lovrana, the Tourist Board of the County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar, together with the Public Institution “Priroda”, launched a new brochure on protected nature, aimed at tourists and excursionists. The brochure
is the Tourist Board’s 15th thematic publication featuring 18 attractive hiking trails within the protected areas of the County. In addition to the Public Institution and the Tourist Board, the Public Institution National Park “Risnjak” and the Nature Park “Učka” also took
part in making the brochure. Gordana Medved, director of the Tourist Office of the County Tourist Board, Sonja Šišić, director of the Public Institution “Priroda”, Zlatko Komadina, County Prefect, and Davorin Marković, director of the State Institute for Nature Protection addressed the
public present at the launch.

From the Foreword of the brochure:

…Hiking in nature provides us with inexhaustible opportunities for recreation, for broadening our perceptual horizons and enriching our spiritual lives through contact with natural values. Therefore, in this brochure, a selection has been made of 18 delightful hikes through the
protected nature areas of the County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar. There are pictures illustrating each area to give potential visitors at least a rough idea of the area they might choose as their destination. Also provided is general information about the protected area, as well as information
on how to get there, where to start the hike and which route to take. The proposed route is also visually highlighted and explained with a graphical presentation of the trail on a topographic map. The graphical presentation of the altitudes at which hikers will be walking provides them with an
idea of how difficult the route is and the amount of effort it requires…

The entire text of the brochure can be viewed at