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Trajanje: 2.2.2015. - 1.5.2016.

The basic objective of the project was the preservation and promotion of aquatic biotopes (ponds and bog pools) through joint cross-border approach to inventarization, revitalization and promotion of aquatic biotopes. Read more

Sožitje – Symbiosis
Trajanje: 01.04.2011. - 31.03.2013.

The specific cross-border goals of the project were to raise the level and quality of the management with areas, covered with forest, to raise the awareness of the local and wider public on the importance and preservation of the natural and cultural resources in the cross-border region and to promote these areas and to raise the living standard of the local population. Read more

PANet 2010
Trajanje: 1.4.2006. - 31.3.2008.

The basic objective of the project was to put in place a geographic information system for all valuable and protected natural areas in the territory of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. Read more