Trail markings placed along the japlenški vrh trail

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Japlenški Vrh is a popular excursion area of the residents of Delnice and a protected forest park. People who enjoy hiking and outdoors activities are fond of the forest park because of its many forest trails and paths, while naturalists and nature lovers admire its preserved
beech and fir forests, numerous karst sinks, and its already forgotten, solitary grassy glades in which butterflies and other insects flourish undisturbed in the summertime. During winter months, the trails and paths of Japlenški Vrh are transformed into a paradise for cross-country skiers.

As part of its project for marking trails in protected areas, in March 2007, the Public Institution “Priroda” placed trail markings along the mountain route that begins at the Hunter’s Lodge. Up to the lodge, the route follows the broad walking path towards the north.
It then turns sharply downhill and again uphill following the existing and skilfully designed walking trail that leads to the highest point of Japlenški Vrh. From this peak, the marked trail descends along the west side, passes by an area of lovely glades and sinks at the foot of Japlenški Vrh,
and finally reaches the area of Pijančevo – a popular site for the residents of Delnice where they traditionally gather for the holiday of 1 May.