Debela Lipa – Velika Rebar

Category of protection: Special forest vegetation reserve
Year proclaimed: 
125 ha
Town of Delnice and Municipality of Lokve
Highest altitude: 
959 m

Forest reserves should be places where it is still possible to experience the atmosphere of the primordial forest and undisturbed natural harmony of forest communities, the inextricable web of ancient trees, sprouting shoots, undergrowth, ferns, mosses, insects and fungi on rotting trees… To people accustomed to “groomed” forests in which every “ripe”, ill or dried-up tree is immediately removed, a forest reserve is likely to have a somewhat chaotic appearance. However, if we take a closer look, we can see that everything is exactly were it should be, everything “fits” perfectly. When walking along the hidden, barely visible trails of this primeval forest’s wildlife, we are overcome by the grandeur of nature. No logging trails can be seen, no sounds of chainsaws, heard. Around us on the ground, fallen trees lie, slowly decaying into humus… Each animal, plant and fungus lives out its primal life cycle, leaving the occasional natural disaster – or even natural catastrophe – to regenerate the forest in its own way.