Pod Javori

Category of protection: Forest park
Year proclaimed: 1993
Area: 40 ha
Location: Town of Mali Lošinj (island of Lošinj)
Altitude: 25 – 210 m

Anyone vacationing in Veli Lošinj should try to spend at least a few hours in the Forest Park Pod Javori. During the summer, the best time to visit the park is in the early morning or early evening when the heat is bearable. Visits to the park are also interesting in the other seasons, with each visit being a new experience: the blossoming of maritime cyclamen in the early spring to the concerts of crickets and cicada in the height of summer. The deafening clicking of crickets greets us from high up in the trees, and to our surprise, we find many molted skins, discarded by cicada.