Vražji prolaz and Zeleni vir

Category of protection: Protected landscape
Year proclaimed:
252 ha
Municipality of Skrad and Town of Delnice
302 – 650 m

Gorski Kotar has two unparalleled natural phenomena, created over the millennia by clear and rapid highland watercourses carving canyons into the carbonate rocks. These are Vražji Prolaz and Kamačnik near Vrbovsko. Through the great efforts of the people of Gorski Kotar, both sites have been made accessible with attractive walking trails – cut in places into solid rock – with small bridges and galleries that span the torrid waters and whirlpools of these canyons. In the nearby Zeleni Vir, an interesting monument of technical culture can be found – a small hydroelectric power station “Munjara” dating back to 1921. The station’s water-supply basin is located in a cave with a water spring, and from above this cave cascades a picturesque waterfall. These and many other interesting things can be found and seen within the small area of this landscape.


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