Adventure festival in rijeka

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On 21 and 22 April 2007, the Outdoors Sports Society “Ad Natura” organised the second-in-a-row Rijeka Adventure Festival 2007, in which the Public Institution “Priroda” also participated.

The Adventure Festival has already become a traditional spring event associated with International Planet Earth Day. It is important in terms of sport, as well as culture, education and information, and it presents the world of adventure, promotes outdoor activities in nature,
and provides information of where and how to partake in one of the sports or become a member of one of the associations.

As part of the Festival, the Public Institution “Priroda” set up a stand in the 111. Brigade Hrvatske Vojske Square (by the Euroherc building) and provided information on the nature sights of the County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar. On Saturday, 21 April, and Sunday,
22 April 2007, from 10 – 12 AM, an educational workshop on nature protection was organised for pre-school and school children.

Collaborating with “Priroda” in this project were the County Institute for Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning, the Natural History Museum and the Teacher Training College of Rijeka. Through games and play in the educational workshop, pre-school and school children
learned to recognise the protected species of plants and animals that grow and live in the County. The children also made drawings of nature.

The Public Institution provided the drawing material, and the students of the Teacher Training College provided professional support, and organised and managed the educational workshop. Promotional leaflets about protected species were handed out at the stand. In the professionally
guided workshop, students successfully engaged and encouraged the interest of children in the protected and threatened plants and

Children’s Workshop at the Adventure