Celebrating world biodiversity day and ambroz haračić day in mali lošinj

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Presentation of the pupils of the Mario Martinolić Elementary School on
the occasion of World Biodiversity Day and Ambroz Haračić Day


For the second year running, the joint celebration of
the International Day for Biological Diversity and Ambroz Haračić Day
in Mali Lošinj began on 20 May 2008 at the Hotel Alhambra. Included in
the extensive program of events was an effective presentation by the pupils
of the Mario Martinolić Elementary School entitled The Habsburg Wind in
the Lošinj Sails. This was followed by a presentation of the Ambroz Haračić
Secondary School pupils entitled Ambroz Haračić and Scientific Life in
Mali Lošinj in the Late Nineteenth Century and the launching of their
brochure dealing with the same topic. The brochure expounds on the perhaps
little known fact that at the end of the nineteenth century Mali Lošinj
was, in its own way, a centre of science in the Adriatic. From 1880 to
1910, the town was witness to exceptionally extensive and fruitful scientific
work and research that led to many valuable findings. In this, three researchers
played leading roles. They were: Eugen Jelčić (Gelcich, Đelčić) – astronomer,
mathematician, physicist and sailor; Spiridion Gopčević (Leo Brenner)
– astronomer; and Ambroz Haračić – meteorologist, climatologist, geographer
and biologist.

The uncovering and presentation of the newly placed instructive
panels in the Čikat Forest Park was also a part of the program. The panels
focus on the protected plant species of the Čikat Forest Park and its
commonest type of flora. A DVD featuring the protected areas of the Lošinj
Island was also launched, together with a map of walking trails entitled
Fragrance-Filled Experiences from Five Islands. A Fragrance Quiz was held
for the children of the Nursery School Cvrčak and the Mario Martinolić
Elementary School. Specialties made from wild-growing plants were also
displayed, and data on the measuring of ambient air quality on the Island
of Lošinj were presented.

Fragrance Quiz held for the children of the Nursery School Cvrčak