Cleaning up "sobol's limekiln" in the javornik area near delnice

Prospekt Događanja


On 13 September 2007, the Public Institution “Priroda” took part in the laudable drive to clean up and fix up the surroundings of “Sobol’s/Rudy’s Limekiln” in the Javornik area, in the immediate vicinity of the Louise Road. The Delnice Tourist Board developed
the idea and organised the drive. Clearing out the underbrush and vegetation that had completely engulfed the limekiln and its surroundings is but the first phase of the project. Now clear of vegetation, the limekiln is clearly visible from the road. In the second phase of the project, an information
panel will be placed at the site telling the limekiln’s history and how it was used in the past.

The Public Institution “Priroda” has an interest in participating in this project, because it sees the limekiln as one of the attractions along the future hiking (excursion and tourism) trail that would connect the Forest Park Japlenški Vrh and the Forest Part Golubinjak
– two protected areas in Gorski Kotar that are important for tourism. The trail between these two areas will feature a number of important nature spots. It is interesting to note that it was from the old limekilns that Japlenški Vrh near Delnice got its name. The information panel standing at
the entrance to the Forest Park encourages visitors to visit “Sobol’s Limekiln” in the Javornik forest (Javornik and the limekiln are located not far from the village of Lučice and the motorway exit).