First croatian congress on rural tourism – hvar

Prospekt Događanja


The representatives of the Public Institution “Priroda” participated in the First Croatian Congress on Rural Tourism held in the town of Hvar from 17 – 21 October 2007. The Congress addressed a wide range of themes, with one of its sections dealing with issues of rural
tourism in protected areas, a topic of special interest to the Public Institution “Priroda”.

Gordana Pavoković, B.Sc., M.Sc., of the Public Institution presented a paper entitled “The Importance of Protected Areas in Developing Rural Tourism in Gorski Kotar”. The paper can be found and read on the Web pages of the Public Institution “Priroda” (› see
under Publications).

During the Congress, the staff members of the Public Institution “Priroda” also had the opportunity to visit some of the natural values of Hvar Island: a protected natural monument – the ancient Cypress tree in the Franciscan monastery in the town of Hvar, cliffs with
an endemic community of Dubrovnik knapweed, fields of lavender fenced in by dry stone walls, and other interesting sites. Also organised at the Congress was a presentation of indigenous rural products of the island of Hvar. The last day of the Congress was reserved for a highly instructive, professional
excursion during which we visited and walked through the rural areas on the western side of the island, from Veli Grabalj and Mali Grabalj to Milna.