Kalci and springs in the kraljevica region

Prospekt Događanja

Zamočvareni šumarak poljskog jasena u Vinodolu


On the occasion of the International Biodiversity Day, a presentation of the project “Kalci and Springs in the Kraljevica Regions” was held in the town of Kraljevica.

Under the organisation of the Associations in Culture “Stol” of Kraljevica, Mrs. Radmila Toić held a very interesting presentation of her project entitled “Kalci and Springs in the Kraljevica Regions” during which she spoke to the public about her many years
of research into the hydrology of the Kraljevica area and its history of waterworks construction. Mrs. Toić presented some ten kalci located in the karst environment of Kraljevica’s coastal area that have more or less fallen into oblivion. She also presented more than ten maintained springs in
the flysh hinterland of Vinodol that is richer in water.

At that time, the representatives of the Public Institution “Priroda” also held two brief lectures – one about the organisation and activities of the Public Institution; the other, about the natural values of the Kraljevica region. It was pointed out that of special
importance in protecting the natural heritage of the area are the conservation of the Sitovica Pond and the conservation of the fragmented flood copses of Narrowleaf Ash in the flysh valley below Križišće. The protection of this valuable natural heritage could be reinforced by protecting the (hydro)
architectural heritage of the springs and kalci presented. Cooperation in protecting these values was agreed upon in general between the Associations in Culture “Stol” and the Public Institution “Priroda”.