Rejuvenated crown of old oak tree at sv. petar on cres island

Prospekt Fauna


On 27 May of last year, stormy weather severely damaged the crown of the old oak tree at Sv. Petar. Less than a month after the unfortunate event, work was carried out to repair the crown of this protected natural monument. At that time it was agreed that action would be taken
in the vegetational season of 2008 to rejuvenate the crown, because, in repairing the damaged crown, it had been necessary to remove a great many of it branches. The Administration for Nature Protection of the Ministry of Culture issued an approval for continuation of work on the repair of the
oak tree.

Work on rejuvenating the crown of the old oak was carried out on 12 and 13 March 2008 under the organisation of the Public Institution “Priroda”. The workers of Tratinčica, a company specialising in this type of work, expertly and professionally performed the procedure
under the supervision of Mr. Viktor Lochert of the company Stablosan. This was the same team that repaired the tree in 2007. The rejuvenation procedure consists of cutting so-called cambium cuts into the tips of branches and to parts of the crown’s trunk. The purpose of this is to trigger the
growth of new buds and shoots. In this way, if the procedure proves successful, the crown of the tree will become considerably thicker with branches, leading to the rejuvenation of the old tree’s assimilation system. Detailed information of work carried out will be available of the “Priroda”
web pages, upon receipt of a report from “Stablosan” on action taken.