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Symposium "hand in hand in protecting the brown frog"

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Assembly and official announcement of events of the symposium “Hand
in Hand in Protecting the Brown Frog” (Photo by M. Randić)


On 17 March 2010, a symposium entitled “Hand in
Hand in Protecting the Brown Frog” was held at Elementary School
“Petar Zrinski”, Čabar, Regional School Gerovo to celebrate
the World Day for Water and to bring attention to the need for protecting
the Brown Frog.

Spring is upon us and with it the awakening of plant
and animal life. This is also the time when the poaching of field and
forest brown frogs takes place in some parts of the Čabar area. The fact
that the frogs are poached before they have a chance to spawn makes them
even more endangered.

The aim of the symposium was to underline the importance
of conserving these endangered amphibians that are protected by the law.

The works of the pupils of Elementary School “Petar
Zrinski”, Čabar and the Regional Schools Gerovo, Tršće, Prezid and
Plešce were displayed at the symposium.

In the past month, these pupils were engaged in a project
entitled “The Frog: Queen of the Marshes”. Under the supervision
of their teachers, the pupils learned about the conservation and protection
of the Brown Frog through research, writing and drawing assignments, and
debates and discussions.

The pupils of Elementary School “Heroja Janeza Hribarja”
from Stari Trg pri Loži from the neighbouring Republic of Slovenia were
guests of the symposium. This project is the continuation of several years
of successful cooperation. The pupils presented their assignments on the
research of amphibians in Cerkniško Lake.

We also appreciate the participation in the symposium
of Sonja Šišić, Head of the Public Institution “Priroda”, Marko
Randić, biologist of the Public Institution “Priroda”, Ivanka
Jelenić, Senior Nature Protection Inspector, and Boris Crnković, an advocate
of frog conservation from Lokve.

Ksenija Petelin, Prof.

Pupils of the school in Čabar presented the project “How Can We Protect
the Brown Frog?” The project was also presented in Rijeka at the
Second County Gathering of the National Program of Human Rights Education
and Education for Democratic Citizenship (Photo by Ksenija Petelin)

Young biologists of the Regional School Gerovo presented their poster
“SOS for Frogs” (Photo by Ksenija Petelin)

The pupils of Elementary School “Heroja Janeza Hribarja” from
Stari Trg pri Loži presented their assignments (Photo by Ksenija Petelin)