Green tourism in skrad – ride an e-bike to zeleni vir

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Photo 1. Presentation of e-bikes in Skrad


Today Skrad saw the presentation of 15 electric bicycles, procured within the “Ride an e-Bike to Zeleni Vir” Project. Worth HRK 126,000 and co-financed by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund, the project is carried out by the Municipality of Skrad and the Local Development Agency PINS.

Mihael Zmajlović, the Minister of Environmental and Nature Protection, set off through Skrad on an e-bike, together with project partner representatives, the representatives of the County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar and the manager of Public Institution „Priroda“, Sonja Šišić. These modern bicycles require no special charging stations because their batteries are recharged as the rider pedals the bike. They are a great combination of a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable way of getting around in nature areas. Because they can be used by people of various degrees of physical fitness, e-bikes make it possible for a wide range of users to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. E-bikes do not pollute the environment and are suitable for use in protected nature areas. They are the perfect way to reach the Significant Landscape of Vražji Prolaz (Devil’s Passage) and Zeleni Vir (Green Spring).

PI “Priroda” readily provides support to innovative forms of tourism that aim to valorise natural heritage and protected areas. This project will surely contribute to fostering sustainable tourism development in Gorski Kotar and to enhancing the attractions of the area’s tourism offering.

Because of its exceptional beauty and geological value, the Significant Landscape of Vražji Prolaz and Zeleni Vir, not far from Skrad, has been protected since 1962. It was created over the millennia by clear, rapid mountain watercourses that have carved varied shapes into the carbonate rocks. Vražji Prolaz boasts a maintained and attractive path with small bridges and galleries, spanning white waters and potholes, partially cut into solid rock. At the nearby Zeleni Vir, there is an interesting monument to technical culture – a small hydropower station, “Munjara”, built in 1921. The water basin supplying the station is located in a cave which also contains a spring. A picturesque waterfall cascades down from above the cave. These and many other interesting sites can be found within the small area of the reserve.

To learn more about the project, click here.

Photo 2. The first ride on e-bikes through the picturesque landscape