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Photo 1. Working meeting of the Supervisory Board and the Project group (Photo by Č. Miler)


After a short summer break, the partners of the Project for the Conservation and Promotion of Aquatic Biotopes – Ponds and Marsh Pools (acronym LOKNA, from the Croatian Lokve i Barjanska Okna) met in the Town of Krk to analyse the execution of the project in the first reporting period.

Public Institution “Priroda”, the lead partner of the project, prepared an analytical review of the first reporting period for the project partners, the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia, the Ljubljana Marsh Nature Park and the Town of Krk. The satisfactory results of program activity analysis and favourable financial indicators point to good cooperation among partners and to the active execution of all project phases.

The host of the meeting led the Slovenian partners in a tour of the future educational trail of Project LOKNA to enable them to learn more about the phenomenon of karst ponds.

Along the way, the partners marvelled at the karst ponds, small aquatic habitats and oases of biodiversity in the waterless regions of the island karst, where most of the water sinks into the deep underground through the porous substrate. Since the distant past, people have been struggling with drought and seeking ways to preserve the priceless drops of rain in the karst of Krk Island. So, people made most of the karst ponds by depositing and pounding clay soil into the bottom of depressions. A small number of karst ponds, however, were made by Nature and can usually be found in sinks where thick layers of clay soil called crvenica had settled. Ponds are teeming with aquatic organisms, algae, aquatic plants, animal plankton, amphibians and reptiles, while numerous insects, birds and bats fly around the ponds, creating an inextricably linked bio-system. On the tour of the trail, our guests from Slovenia could not hide their delight as they gazed at the afternoon frolic of frogs, dragonflies and butterflies, and relaxed to the song of birds.

Photo 2. Project partners on a tour of the future educational trail of Project LOKNA (Photo by PIP)


Očuvanje i promocija vodenih biotopa – lokve i barjanska okna za budućnost – LOKNA

Cilj projekta „Očuvanje i promocija vodenih biotopa – lokve i barjanska okna za budućnost – LOKNA“ je očuvanje i revitalizacija vodenih biotopa (lokve na Krku i barjanska okna u Ljubljanskom barju) kroz zajednički prekogranični pristup vrednovanja, inventarizacije, revitalizacije i promocije vodenih biotopa.

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