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Photo 1. Koraljka Vahtar-Jurković, Assistant Professor, PhD, (right) and Sonja Šišić, MSc, (left) at Kamačnik with Dragan Mufić, Mayor of Vrbovsko


The walking trail and renovated hospitality facility in Kamačnik Canyon were reopened on Labour Day, 1 May. Kamačnik, a valuable part of nature, is a protected area in the category of Significant Landscape. During the winter, it suffered severe damage from an ice storm. Mayor Dražen Mufić invited Sonja Šišić, head of Public Institution “Priroda”, and Koraljka Vahtar-Jurković, head of the County’s Administrative Department for Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection, to celebrate the reopening. Walking along the trail they were able to grasp the extent of the damage caused to vegetation, in particular to tall beech trees, and to see at first hand the efforts made to make the walking trail safe for visitors once again. Yesterday’s visitors included people of all ages, especially children. Although there is still much to do in removing toppled trees, the majestic beauty of Kamačnik Canyon, despite the damage suffered, won our hearts.

Koraljka Vahtar-Jurković, Assistant Professor, PhD

Photo 2. Toppled beech trees with broken roots (Photo by Patrik Krstinić)