The wanderings of  goran zip the lynx take him to the boundary of the county of primorje and gorski kotar and karlovac county*

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Photo 1. Lynx tracks in Gorski Kotar

Goran Zip the Lynx is increasing his radius of movement

In December we recorded that Goran Zip the Lynx “made an excursion” into the Bjelolasica region in the border area between the County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar and Karlovac County. Up to date, this is the eastern-most established location of the lynx’s movement in our County.

However, we can say with certainty that he spent New Year’s Eve somewhere on “home ground” in the forests between Kobiljak and Zagradski Vrh, while the first day of the New Year 2016 found him in the vicinity of Lukovo.

In a recent conversation with Mladan Švast, a huntmaster of Hrvatske šume (Croatian Forest Enterprise), we learned that Goran Zip the Lynx was seen during the night time in April of last year chasing a rabbit across the road not far from Lukovo.

We have not received any data from the GPS collar for some time now, but we hope that is because the lynx is currently staying in an area with no signal. Anyway, winter is the season when lynxes mate and actively mark their territories so we can expect to be receiving new data shortly.  

Marko Modrić

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Photo 2. Rocks and crags are a vital part of a lynx’s habitat where it can find hiding-places and shelter. (Photo by Marko Modrić)