Priroda Fauna

An amazing sight caught us by surprise as we were sailing through Senj Passage yesterday. We spotted a group of some dozen dolphins, swimming leisurely along the shores of Prvić Island in the direction of Sv. Grgur. It is always a treat to see these inhabitants of the deep blue sea. The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation in Lošinj is engaged in the study of dolphins and their work contributes to ensuring the protection and conservation of dolphins. Interestingly, it is possible to distinguish one dolphin from another based on the various scratches or nicks they might have on their fins or body. We reported the sighting to the Blue World Institute. Should you spot a dolphin, you are also invited to report the sighting to the institute using their online form or mobile application at https://www.plavi-svijet.org/pridruzite-se/gradanska-znanost/.


Dolphins along the coast of Prvić Island.