Category of protection: Protected landscape
Year proclaimed: 2002
Area: 83.53 ha
Location: Town of Vrbovsko
Altitude: 370 – 600 m
Lenght of the water course: 3.2 km

The Kamačnik is a watercourse of breathtaking beauty that has carved a canyon into the surrounding Jurassic limestone. Boisterously, the river tumbles through the canyon in a series of small cascades and whirlpools, especially when its waters become swollen with rain or melting snow. In the upper part of the valley cut into the dolomite rocks, the river is somewhat calmer and is fed by several small tributaries. Especially valuable is a picturesque vauclusian (gushing) spring of unknown but surely significant depth, together with the preserved living world of these pure, mountain waters. Visitors will enjoy its natural beauty, its rapids and cascades, its gentle flow and clean waters, its forests, flora and fauna – despite the fact that a bridge along the Rijeka-Karlovac motorway has recently spanned the canyon of this protected landscape.


Komunalac d.o.o (authorized concessionaire)
Željeznička 1/a
51326 Vrbovsko
Mob: 099 438 2826
E-mail: info@komunalac-vrbovsko.hr