Category of protection: Protected landscape
Year proclaimed: 1969
Area: about 100 ha
Location: Town of Rab (island of Rab)
Altitude: 0 – 87 m

The Lopar Peninsula has had a stormy geological past, especially in recent times, when the action of water and winds created intriguing sand pyramids on its surface. An array of Eocene fossils can be found, as well as artefacts remaining from Palaeolithic and Mesolithic hunters, such as spears, scrapers, axes and arrows. Made from a hard and rare type of rock that does not naturally occur on the island of Rab, these artefacts are evidence of the ancient migrations of groups of Stone Age hunters. Plans are underway for creating a geological garden on the Lopar Peninsula with geological educational trails, panoramic spots and geological points of interest, which would operate within the framework of a broader geo-park of Rab Island.