3rd european congress on conservation biology 2012

Prospekt Događanja


Dealing with the conservation of the only presently known
population of the Apollo butterfly (Parnassius apollo) in Primorsko-Goranska
County, the poster for the 2012 congress was designed following long preparations
that included field work and the processing of available data. With the
poster on their backs, the volunteers bravely set out across the sea to
Scotland. On their way to Glasgow they wanted to experience a true Scottish
summer, so they packed a tent and sleeping bags and set off on an adventure.

Along the way they met kind bus drivers, cows with strange
hair styles, quaint cottages, wonderful people and rain, rain, rain. What
impressed them throughout their journey was the local population’s concern
for their environment: anything that can be recycled is indeed recycled;
road signs warn drivers to drive slowly so as not to put wildlife at risk;
and when the locals give you directions on how to reach a place, more
often than not they will tell you it makes no sense taking a bus, because
it’s only a half-hour walk.

Upon arriving at Glasgow, they registered at the congress.
All participants received free passes which later came in very handy when
sightseeing the town and its environs. The town itself is a charming blend
of the modern and the traditional. Must-sees for tourists are the town’s
many museums, its cathedral and cemetery (called Necropolis, dating back
to the 19th century), and its pubs that offer local food and beverages
and are an indispensable part of Scottish everyday life.

(Photos by I. Rogić, M. Radočaj, S. Strišković)

Located on the bank of the river Clyde is the Science
Centre, a modern structure in which the Welcome Reception was held. This
event provided the opportunity to explore the Centre’s interesting exhibition,
a series of games and interactive exhibits based on physics, biology,
chemistry and information science. Held at the Scottish Exhibition and
Congress Centre (SECC), the congress was attended by more than 900 participants
from all over the world. Over 500 lectures and posters were presented
concerning Conservation on the Edge, which was this year’s theme. To inspire
even higher environmental awareness in visitors to, and participants in,
the congress, a contest was organized with the prize going to the person
who generated the lowest emission of environmentally-harmful gasses while
travelling to the congress. The prize went to a participant of the congress
who travelled from Brussels to Glasgow by bicycle!

(Photos by I. Rogić, M. Radočaj, S. Strišković)