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Damaged protected oak tree at Sveti Petar on Cres island to be repaired

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A strong storm with gale-force winds and heavy rain that hit Cres island on Sunday, 27 May 2007, has caused damage to the old oak tree – a protected natural monument – at Sveti Petar. The bad weather caused a large part of the crown on the tree’s lateral side to break off and
fall onto the path leading to the village of Sveti Petar.

The protected oak tree belongs to the botanical group of the deciduous, sub-Mediterranean Downy Oak (Quercus pubescens s.l.), and its age is estimated at about 450 years. Its isolated position on the path accessing the village and the large cavity that extends through the middle
of entire trunk (this cavity can hold 2 -3 adults!) have been the source of many legends and stories linked to the oak tree.

Unfortunately, the large cavity in the middle of the tree’s trunk has disrupted the static stability of the tree. The tree was earlier damaged during a storm in 2003 when it also needed repair. At that time, some of its lateral limbs were removed in order to re-establish the tree’s
static stability.

The latest damage to the tree is severe and could cause the tree to collapse; hence the need for immediate repair. The Public Institution “Priroda” has contacted a company specialised in such activities. An estimation of the new situation regarding the tree’s stability
will be made and the required measures, taken.