Mjerenje u krajobrazbu Lopar

Important landscape lopar

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Photo: Staking out the boundaries of the Important Landscape Lopar (photo: M. Cindrić)


In the work of the PI “Priroda”, there have
been numerous cases in which it has been necessary to precisely and unambiguously
determine the boundaries of protected areas in the field and/or to determine
whether specific sites and facilities are located inside or outside of
a protected area. Also, in the documents pertaining to the proclamation
of protected areas, the boundaries of these areas are specified rather
broadly: descriptively, by specifying cadastral plots, or by listing forest-management
sections and divisions. This makes these documents very inconvenient when
it comes to finding boundaries in the field or on a map. The PI “Priroda”
has conceived an idea to overcome this problem: it has launched a drive
for staking out the borders of protected areas in the field. The first
in line for being staked out was the Important Landscape Lopar. On 1 and
2 September 2009, the workers of a private geodesic company and a representative
of the PI “Priroda” marked out the boundaries of the Important
Landscape Lopar with stakes. Some 200 points were marked (wooden stakes
and colour markings for naturally prominent points – rocks, dry-stone
walls). To be taken soon is the next step, which involves replacing these
temporary markings with permanent ones (small concrete posts). The intention
is to help improve the demarcation of protected areas and to make it easier
for all those using these areas and, in particular, for local self-governments
to plan activities. This project has met with approval in the field.