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Msc training dive into the kamačnik spring

Prospekt News


On Saturday, 26 September 2009, the Cave Rescue Commission
of the Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) conducted a training dive into the
Kamačnik spring, which is classified as an important landscape. The plan
was to dive to a depth of more than 94 metres – the maximum depth reached
up to date – and to further explore the spring. However, due to poor visibility,
the deep-water dive was postponed, and focus was placed on researching
and mapping the spring’s upper parts.

Present at the dive was a supervisor of our institution, who is also a
MRS member.
This is yet another commendable example of cooperation between the Public
Institution “Priroda”, the MSC and the Vrbovsko Forest Office
of Hrvatske Šume, the Croatian forest management company. After a demanding
dive, the cave divers sought tasty refreshments in Vrbovsko.