Poučna ploča sungerski lug

Information panel placed at the forest mire with bog arum in sungerski lug

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Sl. 1. Izgled i sadržaj ploče


On 18 December 2009, an information panel was set up
informing and cautioning visitors that they are in an area of the National
Ecological Network, in the habitat of the Bog Arum (Calla palustris) –
the only remaining and, therefore, unique habitat of this species in Croatia.
A donation from the Tomo Horvatinčić Foundation made it possible to set
up the information panel as part of the mire revitalisation project initiated
in 2009.

The mire in Sungerski Lug is the first area of the National
Ecological Network in the Primorsko-Goranska County to be marked with
an information panel. Although the surrounding landscape was already white
with snow and weather conditions were fairly adverse when the information
panel was being put in place, minimum disruption was caused to both the
ecosystem and the landscape and, in our opinion, the information panel
blends in well with its environment. The panel is intended to provide
basic information to visitors to this lovely and intriguing corner of
Sungerski Lug. It tells visitors that what makes this mire habitat unique
in Croatia is the Bog Arum, and goes on to explain what a mire is, and
which are the most important species of mire flora and fauna. It also
brings attention to activities that are likely to have an adverse effect
on the mire. Visitors are cautioned that “…walking in the mire can
have a negative impact on its plant and animal life, as well as its natural
processes…”. We kindly ask all visitors to the mire to bear this
in mind.

Come and enjoy the natural rarity of Sungerski Lug, but
let others, coming after you, have a chance to enjoy it as well!

Sl. 2. Postavljanje ploče (foto: M. Cindrić)