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New educational trail from biserujka cave to slivanjska cove

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Photo 1. Educational panel at the beginning of the trail not far from
Biserujka Cave (Photo by Alen Leš)


The number of visitors in Biserujka Cave at any one
time is limited to 75 persons per hour, the cave’s carrying capacity.
However, the number of tourists interested in seeing the cave is often
much higher than this. To make waiting in front of the cave less tedious
and to provide interesting information, the Public Institution “Priroda”
has designed an educational trail leading from Biserujka Cave to Slivanjska
Cove. The trail takes 30 – 45 minutes at a easy pace, including short
stops at five educational panels. The trail will help considerably to
improve tourism activities linked to the cave and this part of Krk Island.
The educational panels are already in place and await this year’s first
visitors to the cave, expected in considerable numbers during the Easter
holidays. The official opening of the new educational trail is planned
for early May. The exact date and time of the event will be announced
in the media.

Photo 2. Educational panel explaining the impact of the bora wind on the
landscape of Slivanjska Cove (Photo by Alen Leš)