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Even though the Public Institution “Priroda”
recently erected informative panels on the approaches to the protected
important landscape Lopar on Rab Island, clearly stating that any use
of motor vehicles in this area is prohibited, this did not deter some
German tourists from rampaging in off-road vehicles (ATV four-wheelers)
across the sandy regions of this landscape. The Public Institution’s collaborator
on Rab Island observed this inappropriate (to say the least) conduct of
the German tourists, who also drove their ATVs along the seashore up to
the sandy beaches for which the Lopar peninsula is well known. This action
has caused damage to the geological sand structures and their biological
particularity. Being a special attraction and value of this protected
area, these structures are part of the island’s geological heritage offering
within the Geo-Park and Rab’s botanical informative trails (currently
underway is a procedure to obtain licences for erecting informative geological
panels and botanical plaques, which are also to be placed on Lopar’s sandy

Despite the fact that the unexemplary action of the German
tourists was reported to the authorities, their off-road driving has,
for now, not been penalised. We wonder: Is this the same way these “tourists”
would behave in the protected areas of their home country?