celebrating earth day 2016

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Photo 1. The logo of this year’s Earth Day theme “Trees for the Earth” (in Croatian). The original version of the official logotype in English was acquired from Earth Day Network (http://www.earthday.org/)

Celebrating Earth Day 2016

For Friday, 22 April 2016, in celebration of Earth Day, Public Institution “Priroda” prepared a captivating informational and educational newspaper supplement. As the theme of this year’s Earth Day is “Trees for the Earth” and as 2016 is the Year of Gymnosperms in the County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar, the supplement was dedicated to gymnosperms. It was added to the Friday edition of the Novi List, providing readers in the County with interesting texts and lovely photos. For those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to read the supplement, you can view it in pdf format here.

In addition to the printed supplement, Earth Day was also marked by an educational lecture for elementary and secondary school pupils in cooperation with the “Our Children” Association of Rijeka, and an educational lecture for elementary school pupils in cooperation with the County Police Department as part of the second component of the “Healthy for an A” project. Through these lectures, the young participants learned about some of the most common environmental issues facing the planet today. With the theme of Earth Day 2016 being “Trees for the Earth” and knowing that deforestation is a major environmental problem, the lectures focused on informing the children about the importance of forest ecosystems and the services they provide. The lectures also involved the forest animals living in the County, in particular the carnivores such as the wolf, bear and lynx, whose home is the forest.

Ivana Rogić

Photo 2. Lecture being held at the Information Centre for Crime Prevention of Rijeka. During the lecture the young attendees actively participated in the exchange of knowledge and opinions. (Photo by Svemirka Miočić)

Photo 3. Following the lecture organized in cooperation with the “Our Children” Association of Rijeka, an educational workshop was held at Mlaka Park. With the help of clues (such as “My species is well-known, even almost famous, for its bark, which can be used to make various items”), the pupils had to find the correct type of woody plant species in the park. (Photo by Ivana Rogić)