Opening of the educational karst ponds footpath

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Photo 1. One of the ponds along the Karst Ponds Footpath (Photo by Ivana Rogić)

Opening of the educational Karst Ponds Footpath

The educational Karst Ponds Footpath was opened on Wednesday, 20 April 2016, on Krk Island. The design and construction of the footpath was one of the activities conducted within the framework of the cross-border “Project for the Conservation and Promotion of Aquatic Biotopes – Ponds and Marsh Pools – For the Future”, known as Project LOKNA. The route of the Karst Ponds Footpath leads from the town of Milohnići up to the town of Poljice and takes between two to three hours, depending upon how many stops you make along the way to enjoy the wonderful views.

Photo 2. Six multi-lingual information and educational boards, relating interesting facts about karst ponds to visitors, have been set up along the footpath. (Photo by Ivana Rogić)

The tour of the footpath was attended by more than one hundred hikers and nature lovers, including pupils of the “Nikola Tesla” Elementary School of Rijeka, and pupils from the Elementary Schools Omišalj, Dobrinj and Vrh. Also present were members of the Alpine Club “Obzova”, along with project partners and other visitors. On the same day as the opening, the project’s closing press conference was held in Poljice and the project’s closing conference in the town of Vrh..

Photo 3. This impressive example of an old oak tree, located near the Lokvica Pond and estimated to be more than 400 years old, will certainly make visitors pause for a moment. Several other large oak trees also flank the footpath. (Photo by Marko Modrić)

Photo 4. In the springtime, most of the ground in the wooded part of the footpath is covered with a carpet of cyclamens, giving the footpath special charm. (Photo by Ivana Rogić)

Photo 5. Marko Boras Mandić, deputy prefect, and Dario Vasilić, mayor of the Town of Krk, officially opened the Karst Ponds Footpath at the “entrance” in the drystone wall surrounding Živa Pond. (Photo by Ivana Rogić)

Photo 6. Živa Pond is one of several ponds on Krk Island whose historical use was exclusively to supply potable water for human consumption. The pond was cleaned and revitalized as part of Project LOKNA. (Photo by Ivana Rogić)

Photo 7. A press conference was held after a tour of the educational footpath. (Photo by Ivana Rogić)


Conservation and Promotion of Aquatic Biotopes – Ponds and Marsh Pools – For the Future – LOKNA

The aim of the Project for the Conservation and Promotion of Aquatic Biotopes – Ponds and Marsh Pools – For the Future (Project LOKNA) is the conservation and revitalisation of aquatic biotopes (ponds on Krk Island and marsh pools in the Ljubljana Marsh) through a joint cross-border approach to valorising, taking inventories of, revitalising and promoting aquatic biotopes.

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