Prospekt Flora, Intresting facts

Photo 1. Haller’s sedge in bloom (Photo by M. Randić)


Just like grasses, most sedges look alike, making it difficult to identify individual species. Haller’s sedge, however, is fairly easy to recognise because it has separate short flower stalks with female flowers and separate longer stalks on which there are both male flowers (stamens) and several female flowers below them (Photo 3). The stamens begin to release pollen very early in the year, in the pre-spring (Photo 4), so Haller’s sedge is among the first plants to flower in the dry sub-Mediterranean grasslands and rocks pastures (Photo 1).

M. R.

Photo 2. Staminate flowers (Photo by M. Randić)

Photo 3. The female part of the flower blooms earlier than the male part (Photo by M. Randić)

Photo 4. Male flower with stamens (Photo by M. Randić)