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Photo 1. The largest oak tree in the region of Dolinji Drmun Puški (Photo by M. Randić)


As part of Project LOKNA, we visited the region of Dolinji Drmun Puški, overlooking Čavlena Cove on Krk Island, where imposing old downy oaks stand alongside ponds. The new Karst Ponds Footpath that we are currently designing will pass through this region.


Despite the fact that the “smaller” oak is actually a very impressive example of a deciduous, Mediterranean downy oak (Quercus pubescens), the pond located in its vicinity has been named the Smaller-Oak Pond to serve the needs of Project LOKNA. The name was chosen because an even larger and probably older oak, a true giant among trees, grows near another pond in the adjacent area (Dolinji Drmun Puški). With its giant-sized branches, this stately downy oak, to the best of our knowledge several centuries old, has the largest crown circumference of all the living tree-giants of Krk Island. Our footpath will lead to this huge tree and the pond that lies in its shadow. We cannot help but wonder what roles the ponds played in the germination and exuberant growth of the two oaks. Did the greater moisture of the soil on which the ponds lie support the oaks’ vigorous growth and development? We can only guess at the true age of these colossal trees. The footpath will also lead to an early Romanesque church in the vicinity, the Church of St. Chrysogonus, the construction of which dates back to the mid-12th century. Studies have revealed that a Late Antique rural complex once existed alongside the church. The footpath will highlight this perfect blend of the natural and cultural heritage of this (mostly wooded) part of Krk Island.

Marko Randić

References: Janeš, Andrej (2015): Late Antique Rural Complex by the Church of St. Chrysogonus in Glavotok (Island of Krk). Godišnjak Hrvatskog restauratorskog zavoda 6: 9-22

Photo 2. Even the branches of the large oak are giant-sized. (Photo by M. Randić)




Conservation and Promotion of Aquatic Biotopes – Ponds and Marsh Pools – For the Future – LOKNA

The aim of the Project for the Conservation and Promotion of Aquatic Biotopes – Ponds and Marsh Pools – For the Future (Project LOKNA) is the conservation and revitalisation of aquatic biotopes (ponds on Krk Island and marsh pools in the Ljubljana Marsh) through a joint cross-border approach to valorising, taking inventories of, revitalising and promoting aquatic biotopes..

Patrik Krstinić

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