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Photo 1. Students and professors of the secondary school Albert Schweitzer, Germany viewing the Griffon Vulture Exhibition (Photo by Tomislav Bandera)


On Thursday, a group of secondary-school students of the natural sciences division of Albert Schweitzer Schule in Hofgeismar, Germany, visited the Visitor Centre at Beli (Photo 3). First, the 29 students and two teachers listened to a brief lecture about the rich biodiversity of Cres and Tramuntana, the features of Ecological Network Natura 2000 sites on Cres Island, and other interesting facts such as the discovery of a cave bear skeleton in Čampari Pit. They then viewed the Centre’s exhibition (Photo 1). Naturally, what impressed them the most were the griffon vultures currently recovering in the large aviary (Photo 2).

Patrik Krstinić

Photo 2. Watching griffon vultures in the large aviary (Photo by Tomislav Bandera)

Photo 3. A group photo, in the shade of the cedar tree in front of the Visitor Centre at Beli (Photo by Tomislav Bandera)