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Photo 1. Goran Zip the Lynx photographed upon his release after being fitted with a GPS/GSM collar in February 2015 (Photo by Vedran Slijepčević)

Goran Zip caught on camera trap photo

While looking through some 300 photos taken by our camera trap we came across a fairly good daytime photo of a lynx passing by. As the lynx seemed familiar to us, and taking into consideration the location of the shot, we suspected it could be Goran Zip, a male lynx that had carried a tracking collar up until January 2016 when the collar automatically fell off.

By comparing the camera trap photo with the ones we have in our database on the individual in question, we were able to confirm that it is indeed a photo of Goran Zip! The use of camera traps has shown to be an effective and non-invasive method of identifying and monitoring lynxes, given the fact that the fur of each lynx has a unique pattern of spots and patches.

Marko Modrić

Photo 2. Goran Zip the Lynx was “captured” by a camera trap on 23 October 2016. Because the lynx is mostly active during the night and at twilight and dawn and less active during the day, there are considerably fewer daytime lynx photos taken by camera traps in comparison with night-time photos. (Photo by camera trap of Public Institution “Priroda”)