Volunteer drive at komrčar forest park

Prospekt News

Photo 1. Volunteers planting rosemary and sage on hill slopes in Komrčar Forest Park


Although the weather forecast for Saturday, 3 May, was bad, the same as for the previous Saturday, the rain spared the 16 volunteers as they gathered together at 8.30 a.m. on the town beach to take part in a volunteer drive at Komrčar Forest Park. The drive was organized by the Local Committee of the Town of Rab and the Society of Friends of Rab 1895. Participating in the drive were Public Institution “Priroda”, the Rab Forest Area Office and the Rab Volunteer Fire Department. Refreshments for the volunteers were provided by hotel and hospitality company “Imperijal”.

The clean-up drive involved removing underwood that had been previously cleared away by the Forest Area Office employees, and planting rosemary and lavender seedlings. The 150 seedlings, donated by the Town of Rab, were planted on slopes in the south-eastern part of the forest park.

The drive was cut short because it began to rain around 1 p.m. The work planned for this year will be continued and finished on one of the coming weekends.