Earth day

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Photo 1. From the opening of the exhibition “E – As in Earth” on the occasion of Earth Day


Earth Day saw the opening of the annual photo exhibition “E – As in Earth” prepared by the Young Guardians of the Environment (Photo 1). The exhibition and related events were co-organized by the Eco Centre of the Young Guardians; the Administrative Dept. for Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of the County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar (CPGK); the CPGK Teaching Institute for Public Health; and Public Institution “Priroda”.

The exhibition displays 31 photographs selected from a collection of 360 taken in CPGK (Platak, Hreljin, Klana, Glavotok, Učka, Jelenje, Omišalj and other locations). Shot by the attendants of the Blue Patrol School for Young Guardians, the photos are divided into two themes: the first theme is about preserved nature while the second theme focuses on nature that has been “embellished” with some artefact of “civilization”. Many of the images are indeed captivating. Some are, at first, difficult to interpret, but then, little by little, with the help of a “connoisseur”, we begin to understand that the image represents a discarded product of humankind, a revealing detail of a “foreign” object  thrown away among the lovely flowers and grass in a meadow or on the bank of a stream. By displaying such images, the exhibition aims to give visitors “food for thought” and raise awareness of the harm we do when we discard waste in nature.

A special delight for visitors to the exhibition opening was a guitar performance by the pupils of “Ivan Matetić Ronjgov” Secondary Music School and a performance by the vocal group Torretta of the “Aleksandar Jug-Matić” Elementary Music School.

To memorialize the Green Cities theme, we had a special poster printed. The poster features a more optimistic view of “green cities”; to truly make them green will require the efforts of every citizen. The poster was published by CPGK through the cooperation of the Administrative Dept. for Construction and Environmental Protection and PI “Priroda”. On Earth Day, the daily newspaper Novi List published a supplement dedicated to urban ecology and to nature in the County’s urban areas. You can read the entire supplement in .pdf on our Web pages.

Educational activities concerning Earth Day are also on the agenda. The Prevention Department of the Police Directorate will host a campaign called “Zdrav za 5” (Healthy, A+) on the Korzo, while PI “Priroda” plans to hold an educational workshop about ecological footprints for some 20 children. A special poster has also been printed for the workshop. The poster features the best drawings made by children on the theme of protecting planet Earth.

Annual educational workshops are also planned for the school children of Lokve and Mrkopalj (at the habitat of the rare and threatened bog arum – Calla palustris – and at the old yew tree at Mrkopalj).


Photo 2. Members of the vocal group Torretta performing “Over the Rainbow” at the exhibition opening

Photo 3. A guitar duet performed by Gita Kailasapillai and Toni of “I. Matetić Ronjgov” Secondary Music School added a special touch to the opening ceremony.