Events in the county of primorje and gorski kotar on the occasion of international biological diversity day

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As part of International Biological Diversity Day 2007, the Public Institution “Priroda” in collaboration with the Tourist Board of Mali Lošinj and the Society “Our Children” of Mali Lošinj marked the Day of Naturalist Prof. Ambroz Haračić, renowned researcher
of Lošinj, great admirer of his native island, and patriot responsible for spreading around the world the fame of the biodiversity and natural values of the Lošinj islands. In 1879, he founded the Mali Lošinj Weather Station, which he used for many years to monitor the weather. It was primarily
through his activities that Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj were proclaimed therapeutic-climate health resorts in 1892. His efforts also led to the founding of the Society for the Afforestation and Beautification of Mali Lošinj that planted the Čikat area and neighbouring, barren areas with Aleppo
Pine seedlings. Today, this forest is one of the greatest assets and tourism advantages of the island of Lošinj. His most important book “Lošinj Island, its Climate and Vegetation” published in 1905 aroused the interest of foreign experts for this region.

Alongside the existing monument to Prof. Ambroz Haračić in the Sunčana Cove at Čikat, information and educational panels regarding the Čikat Forest Park have been set up. These panels describe the basic features of the Forest Park and depict the life and merits of Prof. Haračić
in shaping and creating the attractive landscape Lošinj has today. An information panel has also been placed at the entrance to the Forest Park.

For the occasion, the Society “Our Children” of Veli Lošinj in collaboration with the Public Institution “Priroda” set up samples of beneficial-insect houses for nature lovers and farmers in the Čikat Forest Park. The event was coupled with a presentation for
children on the purpose and function of beneficial-insect houses.

Also to mark Ambroz Haračić Day, the Society “Our Children” of Veli Lošinj, with the support of the Public Institution “Priroda” prepared an educational leaflet about Ambroz Haračić and launched an initiative for a mini-arboretum project to surround the monument
to Prof. Haračić in Sunčana Cove.

On the occasion of International Biodiversity Day and Nature Protection Day in Croatia, Mr. Zlatko Komadina, Prefect of the County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar, officially opened an educational trail in the fore part of the Forest Park “Pod Javori” on 22 May 2007. An
information panel has been placed on the educational trails at the entrance to the Forest Park. Along the path from the Park entrance to the building of the Sanatorium for Respiratory Diseases in Children and Adults located within the Forest Park, 25 botanical plaques providing information of
the botanical classification and origin of woody plants have been placed in front of representative specimens of trees and bushes. In the Park’s lower part, three educational panels have also been set up explaining the basic features, values and interesting sights of the Forest Park. The panels
provide information on the Park’s flora and fauna, and its history.