Spašavanje kornjače

Ill sea turtle rescued

Prospekt Depths


On 5 July 2007, Milan Arsenić and Luka Janjetić, fishermen from Medveja, spotted a young loggerhead sea turtle floating helplessly on the surface of the sea. Assessing that the small turtle was either injured or ill, they took it into their boat and placed it in a plastic tub
filled with seawater.

Upon contacting the Rijeka Society for the Protection of Animals, they were referred to Ms Gordana Pavoković, M.Sc., of the Public Institution “Priroda”. Ms. Pavoković promptly made her way to Medveja where she examined the sea turtle and then immediately drove it to
the Sea Turtle Recovery Centre at the Pula Aquarium. The turtle was handed over to biologist and turtle curator, Ms. Karin Globić Medica of Pula, who established that the turtle was a year-old loggerhead sea turtle, a species that often swims into the Adriatic Sea.

She also established that the turtle’s health was quite poor and its shell, too soft, and that it was showing symptoms that pointed to a possible bowel obstruction. The little turtle, which was given the name “Medveja”, was treated with antibiotics and vitamins, and
received further care. Feedback information received from the Recovery Centre after four days indicated that the turtle was recovering nicely, eating on its own and that its health was visibly improving. Pending its full recovery, it will be returned to the sea. This successful rescue operation
of an ill, protected animal species is proof that much can be achieved through the enthusiasm and quick response of those involved. Praise also goes to the conscientious fishermen, who serve as an example to others on how to act in a similar situation.