Glacial erratics on Mt Platak

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Photo 1. A glacial erratic on Mali Pribeniš lies on the meadow across from the Great Mountain Lodge on Mt Platak (Photo by M. Randić)

Glacial erratics, boulders that bear witness to the extent and movements of glaciers which once covered the mountains in the hinterland of today’s Rijeka Bay, can also be seen on Mali Pribeniš, not far from the Great Mountain Lodge on Mt Platak…

Glacial erratics on Mt Platak

Even today on Mali Pribeniš, a grassy glaciokarst depression, we can find traces of the action of glaciers. Among the most noticeable are glacial erratics that push up through the grassy surface of the depression (Photos 1 and 2). Some of these erratics blocks seem to have been dug out from where they lay and tossed into heaps; this was probably done using machinery during the construction of ski runs. The erratic block in the photo has (for now) managed to avoid such a fate and is still in place, on the surface of the Pribeniš depression, where it was deposited when the glacial ice melted at the end of the glaciation. You can notice that the type of rock that makes up the erratic block differs from that of the bedrock of Mali Pribeniš (Photo 3).

Marko Randić

Photo 2. The same erratic block, shot from the opposite side (Photo by M. Randić)

Photo 3. A closer look shows that the erratic block is made of a type of rock (breccia, in this case) that cannot be found in the bedrock of Mali Pribreniš or the area surrounding the Great Mountain Lodge. This fact tells us that the block was broken away at some distance place and then carried by a glacier to its current position. (Photo by M. Randić)

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