Ris koji stiže u Hrvatsku 2

A lynx is on its way from Romania to Gorski Kotar!!!

Priroda News

To help stop the Dinaric lynx populations from dying out, 14 lynxes from Slovakia and Romania will be relocated to Croatia and Slovenia. A lynx from Romania is already on its way to bolster the Croatian population. The relocation of lynxes is the crowning feature of the LIFE Lynx project, aimed at preventing the extinction of the lynx in the Dinarides. In Croatia, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Zagreb, the Polytechnic of Karlovac and the BIOM Association are involved in the lynx repopulation programme, with the support of Public Institution “Priroda” and Risnjak National Park. The project involves the relocation to Croatia of four lynxes. We are especially happy that the first lynx for relocation to Croatia from the sub-Carpathian forests will find its new home in Gorski Kotar.